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When a person is charged with a theft crime, their integrity is called into question. For those who are innocent, this can be extremely frustrating. A theft crime conviction can hurt a person’s reputation and make it harder for them in the future. 

If you were charged with theft, you need the help of a Harrisburg lawyer who understands how to build strong cases. At the Dorward Law Firm, our team understands how to help you maximize your chances of a favorable outcome. Call now and schedule your free consultation.

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Types of Theft Crimes in Pennsylvania

Any time property is taken without permission, it can be charged as theft. As you might expect, this can make for some interesting accusations. For example, a person might accuse someone of having taken their property unlawfully even though they gave it away to begin with.

Some ways to fight a theft charge could be:

  • Returning the property: In many situations, simply giving the property back intact is enough to avoid criminal charges.
  • Proving the property belongs to you: If there is proof of an ownership transfer, our team can help you present that and avoid any criminal sentencing. We can also help you uncover evidence that will demonstrate that change.
  • Intoxication: People have been known to do stupid things when drunk or otherwise inebriated. We may be able to have the charges against you reduced or dropped by demonstrating that your intoxicated self made a mistake, and you will not do that again.

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With criminal defense proceedings, it is always better to have enough time to build a strong case. Let the Dorward Law Firm help you protect yourself from the consequences of a conviction.

We can review the charges against you and give you the tools you need to build a strong case. With over a decade of experience, our attorneys have the experience to help.

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