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Defending Against DUI Charges For Commercial Driver's in Dauphin County

In recent years, forensic scientists have made impressive advancements. However, both law enforcement officials and legal professionals make the mistake of trusting the science implicitly and relying on faulty or inadequate evidence. In commercial driver’s license DUI cases, the consequences of this shortsightedness can be devastating.

At the Dorward Law Firm, our attorney has extensive training in BAC testing, forensic science, and DUI law. He understands the field’s limitations and actively works to defend his clients’ rights to fair trials and second chances. Whether you made a single mistake, you were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, or law enforcement arrested you without cause, we will treat you with compassion and defend your freedom with relentless dedication.

With commercial driver’s license DUI charges, every moment counts. Call The Dorward Law Firm today at (717) 429-0411 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our CDL DUI attorney in Harrisburg. 

What are Pennsylvania's CDL DUI Penalties?

Penalties for driving under the influence in Harrisburg can be severe, but the stakes are even higher for those with a commercial driver’s license. Like other states, Pennsylvania administers different levels of penalties depending on a variety of factors, including your history of offenses. Commercial drivers are one of the groups that may automatically receive higher penalties, along with minors, school bus drivers, and any driver involved in an accident resulting in injuries or property damage.

Temporary or permanent removal of a person’s commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driving privileges are referred to as disqualifications. These may last anywhere from 60 days to an entire lifetime. Pennsylvania state law considers driving under the influence with a CDL a major offense, even if you were driving a non-CMV or driving out-of-state. The length of the disqualification is 1 year or 3 years if you were driving with hazardous materials. Refusing to submit to chemical testing results in the same penalty, even if you were not under the influence. If you are convicted of two major offenses, you will receive a lifetime disqualification.

How To Defend Against DUI Charges as a Commercial Driver? 

Unlike the Dorward Law Firm, Pennsylvania law enforcement will not usually prioritize your best interests. In fact, we have witnessed countless instances where police misconduct is at the root of an arrest and conviction. Officials may have broken laws to obtain evidence against you, and if that is the case, we will work to prove this in court and get your charges dropped.

For your case, we may be able to prove these game-changing circumstances:

  • Police did not have a legitimate reason to pull you over.
  • Police did not lawfully arrest you.
  • You took a faulty or improperly administered sobriety/blood alcohol test.
  • You had a legitimate and compelling reason to drive, despite your BAC.

If the police violated your rights at any point during the arrest, the court may lower or dismiss your charges. With extensive training in DUI law, Attorney Dorward demonstrates unmatched skills and knowledge in every case he handles. He will collect evidence with close attention to detail to ensure you receive the best possible defense in court.

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At the Dorward Law Firm, we are committed to protecting your freedom. If you are facing commercial driver’s license DUI charges, our attorney will use his 10+ years of experience to help you navigate the complexities of Pennsylvania law. In countless cases, he has used his extensive knowledge of forensic science and unparalleled cross-examination skills to force police officers to admit they broke the law.

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