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Harming another person is a serious matter, and courts treat it accordingly. If you were charged with one of these serious crimes, it is important that you get started on building your case right away. The consequences of a conviction can follow you for years to come, affecting your ability to find housing, employment, or even loans. Let the Harrisburg violent crime lawyer at the Dorward Law Firm help you build a strong case to defend yourself.

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Defenses to Violent Crimes in Pennsylvania

In most cases, violent crimes are charged as felonies. The reasoning is that a dangerous person needs to be put away to keep the rest of society safe. Unfortunately, this can also implicate innocent people. Because each situation is different, it is crucial that you get the help of an effective Harrisburg violent crime lawyer on your side.

Some defenses we may use could include:

  • Self-defense or defense of others: If you were in legitimate danger or physical harm, or you saw that someone else was about to be hurt, stepping in to stop the damage is not a crime. We may be able to show that you were being vigilant about safety — not jeopardizing it.
  • Consent: While this approach requires a person to admit fault, it usually helps to minimize the charges against them and prevent severe sentencing. We can work to show that you did not attack someone.

There are some limitations on these defenses, so it is important that you get started early on building a case. The Dorward Law Firm offers free consultations to help you understand the charges against you and how to fight them.

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Harrisburg violent crime Attorney Shawn Dorward has defended many clients from being sentenced to prison and paying huge fines. During your free consultation, we can go over how to face the upcoming proceedings. You do not have to face the charges alone. Call now and get started.

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