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A criminal conviction can be both financially and psychologically devastating. You may find yourself with a ruined reputation, significant fines, and/or a lengthy prison sentence. It could forever impact your access to certain privileges, educational opportunities, and even housing and employment. While some states protect citizens from employment discrimination based on previous convictions, Pennsylvania is not one of them.

At the Dorward Law Firm, our attorney represents Cumberland County clients in a wide range of cases. Our justice system is meant to deter criminals and protect society, but our firm has handled hundreds of cases in which defendants were falsely accused or experienced blatant police misconduct. If you are facing a criminal conviction, we will use a variety of strategies to get your charges reduced or dropped. While no two cases are the same, Attorney Dorward provides the same level of exemplary legal counsel and representation for every client, because he understands the far-reaching consequences of a criminal conviction.

In every criminal case, time is of the essence. Call our firm at (717) 429-0411 today for individualized and responsive support.

Types of Cases We Handle

Through more than a decade of experience in criminal law, our attorney has developed a comprehensive set of skills needed to defend clients against a broad range of charges. No matter the type or severity of the alleged crime, we will work tirelessly and fearlessly to protect your freedom.

We handle cases in Cumberland County involving:

  • Drug crimes. Penalties vary depending on the amount of the controlled substance you possessed at the time of arrest, as well as what you were doing with the substances.
  • DUI. The higher your BAC, the more severe your penalty. You may face additional consequences if this wasn’t your first offense, or you were driving a school bus or commercial vehicle.
  • Sex crimes. If convicted, you may need to register as a sex offender. The general public can easily access this information.
  • Theft crimes. The severity of your penalty depends on the value of the property you allegedly stole. Major theft could result in a prison sentence.
  • Traffic violations. For minor violations, you may need to pay small fines. For more serious violations, your license could be permanently revoked.
  • Violent crimes. These are often charged as felonies, resulting in significant prison sentences. Your criminal history and the circumstances surrounding the crime will affect the penalty.
  • Domestic abuse. Penalties may range from mandatory counseling and anger management courses to incarceration, depending on the severity of the abuse.

No matter your situation, we will treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve. Even if an arrest does not lead to a conviction, the experience is both demoralizing and degrading for many of our clients. We understand what you have been through, and our goal is not simply to prove your innocence but restore your sense of dignity.

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Especially in cases involving sensitive topics, the court may make a final decision without taking the time to examine all evidence. In some cases, a particularly aggressive prosecution will ignore facts or testimony demonstrating your innocence, referred to as exculpatory evidence. At the Dorward Law Firm, we are committed to protecting the rights of Pennsylvania’s defendants, whether they are innocent or guilty. Over the past decade, our attorney has earned a reputation for diligence, excellence, client satisfaction, and successful legal strategies, both in and out of the courtroom.

Call our firm directly at (717) 429-0411 for immediate assistance, or schedule your free consultation online. We look forward to taking on your case today.

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